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Team VAL comprises three members namely Vishwas TyagiAuztynn Shimray, and Livelee Easy Events Pvt Ltd. Having excelled in their respective fields, they felt the necessity to provide ample platforms for Artists and performers of Northeast India. The group aims to build a bridge so that due recognition can be given to the talents of the northeastern region and also to amalgamate the vibrant diverse cultures.

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A businessman and a philanthropist who not only loves music but also aims in promoting talents, especially from the northeast.

Mr Vishwas Tyagi

Auztynn Shimray.jpg

A prominent activist and a social worker who has been tirelessly working for the welfare of the northeastern community for the last decade.

Mr Auztynn Shimray

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Livelee will act as a pivotal partner in the overall management of the event which encompasses finance, marketing, sales, legal, and operations.

Livelee Easy Events Pvt Ltd

Showcase Talent

Showcase the artistic talents and the works of artisans and local delicacies to the national capital


Artists get to promote their work and get connected to the mainstream and mainland audience.


Artists and curators of the music industry to collaborate and create a springboard to find the next big star


Bring units and tribes of the northeast under one umbrella and spread the message of peace.

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